WTF is a selling schedule?

event sales Feb 14, 2021

Ok - lets start with the basics. 

Definition - a selling schedule is really simple.  They are actions you take in order to get your opportunities to move farther down your sales process (schedule tour, request proposal etc).    They are specifically done at certain times and via certain medians.   The content is planned out - emails are templated, voicemails templated.  Yes of course you customize them to the opportunity, but the templates are the same. 

Example to the start of a selling schedule:

Day 1 (lead comes in): Voicemail #1; Intro Email #1

Day 3 (48 hours after lead comes in): Voicemail #2; Email #2


You may also call this a pipeline - but to me that is more about outside selling, but similar concept. 


Why you need selling schedules: 

1. DATA!  When you have a selling schedule you can define what is working when and what is not.  I always get responses to this email or I never get responses to this voicemail.  

2. You can plan your schedule.  I work on these opportunities at X.   The remainder of my day I will do tours, make a newsletter, etc. 

3. You do not miss a "follow up"  You schedule out when your next connection will happen - no more missing out on a great opportunity. 

4. You can have several schedules - passive, urgent etc.  What a great opportunity for AB testing!  Take 10 leads and do them this way, and then 10 leads that way!  Compare what is working. 

5. Once your schedule is MONEY (working well).  Implement, and crush it. But make sure to evaluate it regularly - don't become complacent. 


Tips for selling schedules:

  • Use everything you got!  Calls, emails, newsletters, social media, online chat, proposals.  Using all your tools should be a part of your schedule. 
  • Don't give up too easy!  Touch at least 10 times! yes, 10 times before you quit. Many sales reps quit right before progress was about to be made.  Remember - you sell an amazing product that they NEVER feel bad about that. 
  • I like a fast schedule - covert or kill in 30 days.  If they do not move but you want to keep them - get them into a passive funnel. But keeping dead leads in your CRM will jack up your reporting and your numbers. 
  • Vary the times of day and days of the week.   Do not always call the same lead on the same day of the week at the same time - especially if they have not answered!  Mix that shit up! 

Want an example - check out this blog

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