About Me


I am going to keep this super simple. There are 4 main reasons why you should listen to me when it comes to sales. Well, probably only 1 you will really care about - I am betting it is #4.


  1. EXPERIENCE.  I have been in sales for over 15 years. So, I know what works and more importantly, what is a big ol fat waste of time. 
  2. SMILE AND DIAL BABY! I have done the work.  I have been in cold calling environments and thrived. 
  3. SALES LEADER.   I have managed sales teams.  I know what commission plans will inspire greatness and what will cause your best reps to peace out and look for a new gig. 
  4. SUCCESS! I get results.  One of our recent clients has seen a 75% increase in just one year.  


For those that want a bit more...

I am the president of TGE Events.  We are a venue management company that currently service venues in Denver, CO.  Our venues see large revenue and sales gains immediately after hiring our team.  My team follows the same steps outlined in my online courses. 

Before focusing on venues, I built one of the largest planning companies in Colorado.  At our peak we secured over 150 weddings in a calendar year and were turning jobs away.  Myself and my team utilized the same sales steps as my wedding planner program. 

Why would you take the time to go through trial and error, when I have already done the work? 


Let's get started. 

I guarantee that I will pay for myself in the first year of our sessions.  YES, even in a Pandemic. 

Additional courses coming soon!