WTF is with the dancing - 4 Reasons why I want you to dance

sales manager sales reps Jan 16, 2021

In my courses and webinars I asked attendees and students to dance with me.  Let's break down the 5 reasons why I do this. 

SCIENCE! Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), also called movement psychotherapy, is the psychotherapeutic use of body movements to maintain and improve intellectual, motor, and emotional abilities of the body.

1. Dancing improves memory! Yes this is a scientific fact.  So if you dance before you try to learn something - like from a webinar.  You have a better chance of retaining the information. 

2. Dancing makes you more creative.  That old statement - get those creative juices flowing! That is actually a real thing.  Jamming out before a brainstorm will bring. 

3. Attraction.  I do believe that positive outcomes follow positive energy.  I ask this question all too often - but it holds weight. What have you ever done well or good in your business while in a shitty mood?  

4. Instant results.  You can change your mood instantly with dancing.  When I have a tough morning I make time for a dance party with my daughter.  This puts us both in a better mood for the day!  No more...well this day has gone to shit.  I can change that! 


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