Selling on zoom

Feb 06, 2021

Yesterday I had the pleasure of jumping on a zoom sales call for one of my sales team. The couple was lovely, we had a great meeting - and of course...they are moving forward!  Anyways, that is not the point of this blog. I wanted to talk about selling on zoom!   Share with you my thoughts and some tips. 


1. CAMARA ON!   Or else it is just a phone call.  Put your face on and turn on that camera.  You can look directly into the face of your opportunities. This is such a unique opportunity. I love to pitch to a group on zoom. I can look at all of their faces, judge reactions in real time.  See if I am on the right path.  If the parties do not have their cameras on, politely ask them them to.   You will be surprised that most of them will just do it. 

2. Minimize the PowerPoints.  Unless you sell Tech - beware the demos. Send proposals ahead of time.  Yes you should be prepared to screen share to get your points across - but think more about asking questions and focusing on the conversation.  Plus when you screen share you become super small - 2x2 box.  And that's not the point of this video call right?

3. Know your tech.  Be able to help them troubleshoot. This might be their first time using zoom.  Be the expert. This establishing you as the expert in the conversation - and not someone who is bumbling around. 

 4.  Follow your process. Now is not the time to deviate from your sales process.  Go through your same steps.  I find it is very important make sure to state time expectations and flow.  "I plan to.... this should all take about 45 minutes"   make sure you wont be putting them into a time crunch. 


And if you are a venue - yes you can do this for a tour!  Get that hot spot fired up and walk around your venue.  


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