Practice practice practice

event sales Feb 06, 2021

Yes, Yes - practice makes perfect.  But this is no lie. All athletes work hard to be good.  CEOs read a book a week to learn how to best run their companies. 


To be a sales beast, you have to practice and work on your craft.  Seems daunting? Doesn't have to be.  Check out my 6 minute program!


2 minutes - Practicing Features and Benefits 

- Can you do your own product line or anything!  Check out my coffee maker example.   Try to do 2 benefits per feature. 

Feature - the coffee maker makes me coffee

Benefit - gives me energy, pumps me up for the day. 


2 minutes - Objections and rebuttals.  

- Get your list of objections - run through them.


2 minutes - Questions and responses

-  Are you getting to that further layer?  Flex that multi-layer question muscle! 

What is the most important factor when it comes to hiring your wedding planner?  Can you give me a bit more information on that...why is having an organized day so important for you?




Ready to up your sales game?

We have training programs for wedding planners and teams! (more trainings coming soon)


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