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sales reps Jun 23, 2021

We recently hired a new sales rep at my company.  Wanted to share with you what I am looking for, and what I am NOT looking for in a sales rep.   My questions focus on really 6 areas.  To me...experience is not everything.  It is much more about the intention and focus of that person. 

YES - Hire this person! 

1. Money motivated.  All employees are different, finding their underlying motivation is key. Sales reps should be motivated to make $$$.  Not too much focus on "pleasing the clients"  "Building relationships"  Love when a sales rep asks if their is a limit to the commission they will make!  Heck no baby! 

2. Process Focused.  Someone who will adapt and learn my process.   They ask questions about how many touch points you want to see, how aggressive is your strategy.   I have a very planned out sales process, and I need people to follow it.  Not deviate and go rouge on me. 

3. All about that personality.  In our sales roles we do a lot of in person tours.  Having a spark when you speak, a glow and warmth to you is key.  No one wants to walk around and talk about their wedding with Debbie Downer or No personality Nancy. 




1. Someone who keeps asking about strategy and biz dev ideas/procedures.  While this is a forward thinker no doubt, they will likely struggle to stay in the sales lane. They will get board of the daily grind.  They could be a great employee, just not in a sales role. 

2. Someone who wants to be an event planner, manager, etc.  They are using a sales role to get their foot in the door. Same problem as 1 - they will get board.   I am a firm believer that ops people are not sales people and vice versa. TGE Events is built on this belief.  Put the right people in the right roles. 

3.  Did you speak over me during the interview?  This is a huge red flag of a sales rep that will not listen to potential clients, will not ask a lot of questions. They will wait to speak.  How a person interviews will five a lot of insight into how they sell. 

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