Everything to Everyone - are you being overaccommodating? Stop that!

event sales sales manager Jul 20, 2022

Wow! No blogs for a year....

What happened?

Well...that story is super boring so I will sum it up. 

1. Closed a biz due to covid and wanting to spend more time with my family

2. Went to work at a venue - decided venues were no longer for me!

3. Landed at CPR (Colorado Party Rentals)!  My dream gig! 


snooze fest....moving on.. 

 "Not caring if others think you’re a nice person doesn’t mean you suddenly morph into some nightmare megabitch."


In my new role - there is a lot going on.  We are in the height of season, I find myself getting pulled in so many directions in a given day.   I find myself thinking about how I have to be HYPER organized with my own time.  But not just that I have to protect my time, and draw firm lines.   This has proven to be a struggle for me- I like to be everything to everyone.  But we all know that leads to burnout and being spread too thin. Plus it does not elevate your team to work and think for themselves.  Let's call this being...overaccommodating.  


Sure - I can drop what I am doing to help you

Sure - I can pick up the kids even though it will create extra stress on my day.

Sure - I can bake 50 cupcakes for tomorrow (even though I have not shopped and its 8pm)

I am going to go ahead and answer this text message real fast at 10pm


Does any of this sound familiar? Are you the "nice one" who does just about anything that is asked of you in that instant.  Honestly - let's face it ladies - this is about us.  I do not see many men struggling with this issue.   This is not a problem with the work place, or our businesses, this is OUR issue.  We all know we train those around us how we want to be treated.  I recently found an article about this issue and I dug a few points on how to not put yourself in this role - or how to dig yourself out. 


1. Don't do for others what they can do for themselves

Ding Ding!!  Train your people - ask more questions.  "what would you do?"  


2. Be nice because you want to - not because you have to or feel obligated. 

Taking to you ladies.  Wanting to do something nice feels great when done for a great reason.  But when you do something nice because you feel someone holds leverage on you - that feels like shit. 


3. Let things fall a part in small doses. 

Let that email go un responded to, call that person back tomorrow.  Protect your time.  Small breakdowns are not the end of the world - do you have matching socks?  Success! 


4.  Get used to not being liked. 

If you’re meeting everyone’s expectations, you’re not going to be meeting your own,” says Marnie. “Build up your tolerance for letting people down. Not caring if others think you’re a nice person doesn’t mean you suddenly morph into some nightmare megabitch. It means you act in accordance with your own values and less in accordance with the values of others.”



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