Creating real vendor connections

Jan 23, 2021

Time to make real connections. 

Step 1:  Where is your focus

Ok - so you want to make friends with a venue that can refer the crap out of you.  Before you set up that meeting - are your target markets in alignment!?  This is crucial  so you are not wasting anyone's time - including your own. 

You are about to call (yes call!) them to schedule a tour and a meeting.  Where is your focus?  Are you thinking - I want them to like me?  NO! Stop that.  Flip that.  What does the venue need? What are their goals? How can I help them! 


Step 2: Ask for a meeting

When you call them. Introduce yourself - keep this short!  Let them know that you would like to learn more about their venue, and how you can help them.  Make this conversation about THEM! Not you!!


Step 3:   Meeting!

Ok - you got that meeting.  Time to ask a shit ton of questions.  Here are a few examples to help you out. 

1. Tell me about the goals you have for your site?  

2. Tell me about your experiences with vendors like me?

3. When it comes to your clients - what is your biggest pain in the ass?

4. When you work with vendors - what are do you value the most in your partners? 

Now you got some ammo - speak to their goals, vision, wants.  This should be really really easy - if you are asking good questions. You of course have to ask to be referred - CTA (call to action).  After speaking to their points - let them know how you can make this happen. How you can get them to their goals.  


Step 4: Follow up!

I cannot tell you how often I have seen relationships begin and then die a slow death.  This is from no follow up.  So what do you do?  

Thank them for meeting with you

Find reasons to call or email them regularly - saw this post - nice work! I read this article about XYZ and I think you would find it interesting. 

Make your touches genuine. 


Step 5: Over-deliver!

Go above and beyond when you work at that site.  They will be watching...

If you do not over- deliver. Be prepared for a super short relationship. 


Step 6:  REPEAT. 

Overdeliver, ask for feedback, touch (with value) consistently, and YES - thank them (gifts are ok as Thank you' s!). 







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