Brady and Gronk - new team, same domination

event sales sales reps Jan 30, 2021

I live in Broncos country, so that means - we hate the patriots.  But, if you have attended any of my sales talks you know I like a good football analogy.  And man - these boys make it pretty easy for me!  And the Patriots - love or hate them, proved to be the dominating force of their sport for quite some time. 

Ok, rewind. Gronk and Brady were a part of the Patriots, and yes kicking lots of ass.  Gronk is injured about 99% of the time, but that 1% he likes to show up big. And Brady, I mean come the F can he be down so often and come back?  Nothing is more scary to a Bronco fan then to be ahead in the 4th and playing against Tommy.  But let's cut to the chase, these boys get results.  Count the rings.  Years ago, we could of said...its the patriots, they aren't that great. Its the coach, its all the money they have. That's why they win all the time.  

2021 - they both joined the Bucs.  The BUCS!  Basically saying...F you all, we can do this everywhere and anywhere. We are that good.  And yep, they in the championship.  While this might piss off some people - the results are undeniable.  They have skills, they have the drive.  Coach, teams, different plays - mean nothing. 


What does this have to do with sales?  Everything. Skill is skill.  I have seen a pharmaceutical rep move to selling IT  products and crush it.  I have seen a catering sales rep move to selling insurance and make killer money.  Selling in any field is a skill that can translate.  The team (industry) the coach (manager) while important are not everything.  So beef it up, work hard.  Because you never know when you might have an opportunity to change teams and give all the haters a big ol middle finger. 




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