10 Mistakes event sales reps are making

event sales sales mistakes sales reps Dec 07, 2020

Take 5 minutes and do a self-audit. Are you an event sales rep that is making these mistakes?


1. You wait 

Lead comes in. What you do in this moment defines you as a salesperson. Do you pause and move to the lead? Or do you say….it can wait till tomorrow; it can wait till Monday. Waiting drastically reduces your chances of closing the deal. Prospects love a fast turnaround. They are always impressed – they think it is showing that you will take care of them as clients. Plus emailing and calling that lead takes how much time – 10 minutes? MAKE THE TIME.  


2. You don’t call 

You don’t pick up the phone! Relying on email will not get you there. You need to be able to ask your qualifying questions, and the BEST place to do that is on the phone. So, lead comes in – call it first! Then send your follow up email.  

3. You don’t shut up 

That’s right, you talk too much! You should be listening for their problems and concerns. Not going into a long sales spiel.  



4. You don’t ask questions 

Qualifying questions are everything! You need to have your list ready to go! What are their needs, can you meet them? You need to ask to find out.  


5. You don’t really understand what you are selling 

I have said this many times. You are not selling 4 walls and chairs. Do you know what you are selling? Is it piece of mind (wedding planner), or is it time savings (venue with many inclusions)? 


6. You give up too quickly 

How many times do you touch (call/email/site visit) a lead before you give up? I suggest you try at least 5 touches in 30 days before you quit. Then maybe send them to a “passive” sales funnel – such as newsletter, e-blasts.  


7. You are not ready to overcome objections 

What do you say if a lead says your price is higher than X venue? Are you ready to answer? Objections and rebuttals should be practiced regularly with yourself or your team. Make a list of your top 10 objections and come up with 2-3 ways to rebuttal back. Make sure to include VALUE in your rebuttal.  


8. You focus on rapport and not building value  

A lead could not give a crap if you like their shoes or handbag. They are there for 1 reason – can you solve their problem and meet their needs. So, focus on creating value, not rapport.  


9. You don’t have a CRM 

No CRM? No way you can ensure you don’t miss a follow up. Plus, data is power. Do you know where your best leads come from? Or what your close percentage is after tours? No CRM =LOST! How do you make decisions on marketing expenses? GET A CRM it is 2020.  

10. You are all features NO benefits 

Tried and true sales technique – features and benefits. Make sure you follow up a feature with at least two benefits.  

“My venue includes rentals and catering” Don’t stop there! Why is that good?!?   

“This will save you time and money when planning your event” BUTTT….only say it if that is trueof course! (Four seasons – not so much!) 


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