Sales Training

The Process

  1.  First, we start with a phone consultation.  We will discuss your goals, your struggles, have a nice little sales therapy session.   This is of course comp’d.
  2.  Finalizing of your sales training package.  Base package and most popular option is listed below.
  3.  We will work together to correct or implement your new sales process.  Including training of you and/or your team.
  4.  We will continue to audit your sales performance, because once you back off and go back to your lazy selling ways – you will see a steady decline in performance.


Sales Training Base Package (6 Months) 

This is at least a 180-day investment – I suggest a full year.  There are no quick fixes here.  The work has to be done and maintained to see improvement. Plus we will become best friends! 

  • Audit of current sales process and performance
  • Creation of sales reporting and performance metrics
  • Creation of sales process and all supportive materials needed to get the job done
    • Funnels 
    • Email templates
    • Call scripts
  • Implementation and training
    • Training includes 1 full day intensive course (virtual or in person as allowed)
      • A two-day intensive is suggested for teams larger than 5
    •  A half-day refresher course
    • Monthly calls with your sales team to discuss highs and lows – and to keep morale and performance high
  • Monthly calls with sales leadership team to discuss performance and tweak process as needed


Timeline to your sales success (1-year program)

Day 1 – Day 30: Creation of sales process, reporting, and materials.

Day 30: Presentation of your new sales process for discussion and tweaks, updates to follow.

Day 60: Training on new sales process for you and/or your team.

Monthly calls to begin following your training session

Day 120- 150: This is where I suggest we have your refresher course for your team

Monthly calls to continue for the remainder of the year.


Your 6 month investment starts at  $990.00 per month (per month – 6 months)


Dig it?  Ready to make that change?  A bit on the fence?

I GUARANTEE that I will pay for myself in the first year after our sessions.  Yes, GUARANTEE even in a pandemic.  100% Money Back if you do not see results in the first year.  

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