Sales Self Accessment

Lets play a game... Take the time to answer the below questions - honestly! If the majority of your answers are no, then it is time for a skills upgrade.

Do you enjoy selling and working leads?

Do you know what you are selling? Hint - it is not your product!!

Do you consider yourself a leader for your sales team? Do you know what type of sales leader you are?

Do you practice sales either by yourself or with your team (role playing - objections)?

Do you have and are you actively using a CRM? (If you are not sure what that is - you should for sure reach out right away)

Are you actively trying to educate yourself and your team on ways to improve your selling skills?

Are you able to generate accurate sales reports? Do you know what % of deals you are closing and how long it takes you to do so?

Do you have a planned out and documented sales process and sales funnel? Are you able to implement these plans and procedures easily with new hires?