Football to selling. Leadership is leadership.

sales manager Jan 29, 2021


This is a clip of leadership. This inspired me to speak today directly to the sales leaders and managers out there.    The video shows the Kansas City QB - Mahomes taking a cover off of his teammate who was frustrated for just missing a punt.  The clip later goes onto show that player (Hardman) made a great play!   Stating...Be US!  We have been here before.  BE US.  

There are a few things that Mahomes does in this clip that translate to sales leadership and leadership in general. 

1. Letting shit go!  Mistakes will happen, deals will be lost - but moving forward is all that matters.   Dropping a ball, loosing a deal.  Does not matter.  Learn and move forward.  As a sales leader you have to be ready to accept, learn and progress.  Your teammates (sales team) might not be in that mindset.  You have to be and lead my example. 

2. Restating success. Mahomes says...we have been here before.  Showing Hardman that this team has had a track record for success and 1 mistake does not define the team or an individual player. 

3.  "You gonna make a play this game"  speaking to the future mindset of the player.  You already made that play!   As a sales manager - you are going to close that deal, lets walk through it - you are going to close that deal. 

4. Be the hype man!  Slap adversity in the face.  There are always going to be times when your team is down and low energy.  You should be ready to bring that energy and that hype! 

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