event sales sales reps Jan 16, 2021

You have this killer idea, you put a plan together, you LOVE everything about it!  This campaign is going to crush, you are certain of it.  Then nothing...crickets.  What is the problem?  It could be so many things, but in conversations I am having lately with event entrepreneurs they are NOT asking for any feedback before they launch something new.   


Why do you need feedback!

1. You are too close to your product and your team.  What does that mean?!  You cant see the issues.  Is your offer unclear?  I find this is the most common issue - is that due to lack of feedback the offer is confusing. 

2.  You can create raving fans before you launch.  Your reviewer might think this is a killer idea - maybe they can help you promote and push. 

3. Feedback is always there.   People are seeing your offer and judging it - wouldn't it be nice to just know what they are thinking!  

4. Feedback and push your performance.  After a constructive feedback session - you are ready to update and execute. 

5.  Feedback is a tool for learning.  Listening to feedback puts you in a better frame of mind to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and a human. 


Who to ask for it

Who you ask for feedback is vital!  Don't ask your team that will just tell you....its amazing! Everything you do is magic!  But you don't want assholes that will tear you a part at the first chance.  You need to have 2-4 close peers you can call for feedback.  That you trust their opinions and you believe will be constructive and not tear you down.  This can deflate your performance - don't want that!  Set up these relationships now. Let them know you are looking to build a small - feedback community.  


How to use it...and when to not to! 

Whatever you take from the feedback conversation - make sure to thank them!  Or they wont be doing it again.  Offer to check out something of theirs in return. 

Feedback, just like anything is a buffet - take what you want, leave the rest (thank you TR (Tony Robbins).   

The other day I asked one of my feedback community to watch a promo video.  He gave me some great notes on labeling and my message.  I was too close to the project to see what he was seeing - my edits were unclear.  I made the adjustments and I love the promo so much more!   But at the same time, he gave me a few notes that while I took in - I did not implement.  While I appreciated them, I felt the suggestions where not in alignment with my focus and brand energy.  BUFFET!  I took all the ribs, but left the chicken. 

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