Call Blocks

Jan 08, 2021

Call blocks are especially great if you are scared of the phone. It sets a schedule to it!  And it can even be fun. What?? NOOOO 

When you should call block

Three times a week of at least an hour should be good for most wedding planners.  But for full time sales reps (caterers/rentals etc) I suggest 2 blocks every day - an am and pm.  Put it on your calendar - give it top priority. 

How you should call block

When you are on a block you can only call - no emails, no proposals. Tell your team what you are up to; so they can be supportive and take away distractions.   

Make it fun!  Get out your white board, how many calls can you make in an hour. Do you have a sweet tooth?  For every call - have a skittle.  Challenge your team mates - if someone can book an event on that block they are crowned queen of the block!  




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