7 layers exercise - digging deep to find your WHY

event sales sales manager Jul 28, 2022

This week I have been able to get back into the sales field!  Doing site visits, working on proposals. It FEELS amazing.   It sets my soul on fire.  There is truly nothing I love to do more in my career.  Working with a partner towards shared success - boommmmmmm!  Makes me excited to even type about it.   

BUT, Why do I love it?  Why is it so important to me to be having these conversations every day?  

Referred to as the 7 levels deep exercise.  Made popular by Dean Graziosi. 

This exercise can be used to determine what really drives you to accomplish anything in life. You can adapt this to what drives you to be successful in your business/life.  "Why I want to be a successful wedding planner."  "Why do I want to get into shape"  

Understanding the deeper reasons for WHY you want to do something allows you to create leverage to reach your goals and focus your energy. 



Question #1. "Why do you want to get organized?"

Answer: "Because it will make me happy. "

Question #2. "Why will getting organized make you happy?"

Answer: "Because when I am organized, I am happy."

Question #3. "Are you only happy when you are organized? And are you only sad when you're not organized?"

Answer: "Well no, but I think it will be what I need to be happy."

Question 4: "Why is it IMPORTANT for you to be happy? Why do you think getting organized will make you happy?"

THIS IS HARD!   You have to keep going usually 6-7 layers deep. 


You get it now...My turn! 

I love selling to new partners! 


1: WHY do you love selling to new partners?

I love learning about their goals


2: Why are their goals so important?

Once I know their goals I can better support them


3: Why do you want to support them?

Because I want their businesses to be successful


4: Why do you want their businesses to be successful?

That makes my company successful as well and we create a genuine partnership that last. 


5. Why do you care about genuine partnerships?

Because I feel it is lacking in our industry. 


6. Come on AG - you can do better then thatttttt WHY! 

I feel that so many relationships in our industry are based off of "lazy selling."  Here is you steak dinner and your commission check.  This not only bores me it angers me. We are capable of so much better.   I want our partners to be wildly successful.  And I can help them get there.  Not just thank them for taking me along for the ride. 

Ding Ding MFer!  Deeper meaning.  This is one of my core foundations that I take with me everywhere that my sales career may take me.   This exercise always helps bring me back. 


Try this exercise!  Dig Deep! 









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