5 tips to creating bomb venue sales tours

event sales venue sales Dec 08, 2020

Any suggestions or tips on venue sales tours? 

1.  Make sure you have well qualified the lead (this should be in your process), to ensure you are not wasting your time.  By how??  That's right, but asking GREAT questions. 

2. Don’t loose the features and benefits just because you are walking around.  ” This is our lawn, it fits 250 people”  Blah….every other venue will have a similar statement.  ” This is our ceremony lawn, as you can see it has killer views, so you can dress up the site or dress it down”   (KEY BENEFIT USED HERE – SAVING $) 

3.  Paint the picture.  You are not selling tables and chairs, and walls.  So why are you focusing on that?  Have those key points in your collateral, have some chairs set out, so the client can see what they look like. But focus on what activities they want to do in the space, and sell to that.  The only way to know what they want to do-is ask questions!  (This should have been done in your process before your tour). 

4.  You HAVE to use your “why are we awesome” list on your tours…drop those little nuggets at key points in your tour. 

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